AG Architects

Anda Anastasopoulou

1989 – Diploma in Architecture
National    Technical   University of Athens –  NTUA
1989 – 90   Collaborated    with   professor Ioannis   Liapis
1990 – 91    Collaborated    with  architect   Kyriakos   Krokos
1993 – Office  of  A-G  Architects
(Anastasopoulou-Ghikapeppas and Associates) established  in  Athens
She  has  designed  and built  many  projects  (private and public buildings, villas,  apartment buildings, urban design, landscape, restorations)
She  has  won  19  prizes   and  distinctions  in  architectural competitions  (7  first  prizes)
She  has  participated  in  3  art  exhibitions
References      for    her    work     from    Juhani    Pallasmaa
Major Works:  Redesign  of  Microlimano  Coast,  Eleftheria    Square,  Apartment   Building   in   Galatsi.
She     has     participated     in     architectural    exhibitions,  conferences    and    has    written   and    published    many  articles   about   Architecture.

Vasilis Ghikapeppas

Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, NTUA
Diploma in Architecture – NTUA
1993 – Office of A-G Architects
(Anastasopoulou-Ghikapeppas and Assosiates)
established in Athens.
He has designed and built many projects (private and public buildings, villas, apartment buildings, urban design, landscape, restorations.
He has won 21 prizes and distinctions in architectural competitions (8 first prizes) and 3 first prizes in visual art.
References for his work: Juhani Pallasmaa, Steven Holl, Fin Geipel.
Major Works: Redesign of Microlimano Coast, Eleftheria Square, Port Passenger Terminal, House on the Horizon.
He has participated in architectural exhibitions, conferences and has written and published many articles about Architecture.

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